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Hi there! I tend to keep myself busy in a variety of ways and activities both online and off the grid. Given such a vast set of day-to-day activities - this hub is my way of grounding my various activities and tasks. I live in the twin cities, and was born and raised in the Seattle, WA. I work as an internet marketer specializing in SEO (search engine optimization) - for a variety of clients and customers. I have developed websites for clients, and continue to administer, maintain and control this website along with all my other sites, pages and blogs that can be accessed on this page by clicking on the link or button listed.

For starters, I work daily at CDK Global where I perform SEO services for my automotive client's websites in the United States. Alongside my PowerSEO Specialist responsibilities, I also maintain the sole proprietorship JTC Consulting - which provides more specific client centered SEO consultations to small businesses interested in increasing their organic traffic to their business websites. My JTC Consulting site provides a more detailed description of my SEO background - so feel free to click to this page to learn more about my internet marketing knowledge or contact me if you are interested in discussing my services and availability in more detail.

My other sites have other focuses, and I will be detailing these sites and their content in upcoming posts. Stay tuned to learn more!

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JTC Consulting

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